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Sabbath challenge, Sabbath Delight!

David Bird
Print Book, Undefined, 2003
Xulon Press, UnitedStates of America, 2003
347 p. : ilustraciones ; 23 centímetros
9781591606048, 1591606047
Chapter One. Matters relating to time.-Chapter Two: The Seventh-day Sabbath and Israel.-Chapter Three: -The Seventh-day Sabbath and the Book of Genesis.-Chapter: Four: Faith, Law and Grace.-Chapter Five: The New and Old Covenants.-Chapter Six:: Christ's Teachings and Practices.-Chapter: Senen: The New Testament Church's Teachings and Practice.-Chapter Eight: The First Day of the Wweek versus the Seventh.-Chapter Nine: Issues of Allegiance.-Chapter Ten: The Seventh-day Sabbath in Practice