Front cover image for Copyeditor's Handbook : a Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications

Copyeditor's Handbook : a Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications

Print Book, English, 2019
University of California Press, 2019
568 pages
9780520286726, 0520286723
Preface to the Fourth Edition, by Marilyn Schwartz Preface to the Third Edition, by Amy Einsohn Abbreviations and Conventions PART 1. THE ABC's OF COPYEDITING 1. WHAT COPYEDITORS DO Principal Tasks Levels of Copyediting The Editorial Process Editorial Triage Estimates One Paragraph, Three Ways Professionalism and Ethics 2. BASIC PROCEDURES Skill Sets Marking Changes on Hard Copy Making Changes On-Screen Querying Style Sheets Informal Communications and Transmittal Letters Author Review and Manuscript Cleanup 3. REFERENCE BOOKS AND RESOURCES Four Essential Books Language Corpora On the Bookshelf Websites, Email Lists, Discussion Boards, and Blogs PART 2. EDITORIAL STYLE 4. PUNCTUATION Conventions, Fashions, and Style Function 1: Terminal Punctuation Function 2: Joining Clauses Function 3: Setting Off Phrases Function 4: Indicating Omission Mark-by-Mark Pitfalls Multiple Punctuation Eyeballing Every Mark Controversial Techniques 5. SPELLING AND HYPHENATION Improving Your Spelling Skills Variant Spellings British Spelling Homophones Foreign Words and Phrases Proper Nouns and Adjectives Plurals Possessives One Word or Two? Spell-Checkers 6. CAPITALIZATION AND THE TREATMENT OF NAMES Personal Names and Titles Astronomical Terms and Geographical Names Racial and Ethnic Groups Names of Institutions and Companies, Trademarks, and Brand Names 7. NUMBERS AND NUMERALS Words or Numerals? Punctuation of Numerals Cardinals and Ordinals Fractions Percentages, Percentage Points, Basis Points, Percentiles, and Portions Money Time Street Numbers and Phone Numbers Units of Measurement Roman Numerals Inclusive Numerals Mathematical Signs and Symbols Ambiguous Numerical Statements Style Sheet Entries 8. QUOTATIONS Misspellings in the Source Document Odd Wording in the Source Document Run-in and Set-off Quotations Editing a Pull Quote Punctuation of Quotations Syntactical Fit Ellipsis Points Brackets Citing Sources 9. ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS Abbreviations Symbols and Signs 10. TABLES, GRAPHS, AND ART Tables Graphs Art Use of "Alt Text" 11. REFERENCES Author-Date System Reference Note System Citation-Sequence System Citation of Digital Sources 12. FRONT MATTER, BACK MATTER, AND RUNNING HEADS Front Matter Back Matter Running Heads (and Running Feet) 13. MARKUP Markup of Hard Copy Markup On-Screen Heads and Subheads Lists Design Specs PART 3. LANGUAGE EDITING 14. GRAMMAR AND USAGE: PRINCIPLES AND PITFALLS Whose Grammar? Subject-Verb Agreement Troublesome Verbs Split Infinitives Subjective Mood Dangling Participles Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers Garden-Path Sentences Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Case of Nouns and Pronouns Parallel Form More Muddled Syntax Adjectives and Adverbs Prepositions Miscellaneous Bugaboos 15. BEYOND GRAMMAR Organization Point of View Expository Style Plain Language Compliance Accessibility Global English EFL and ESL Editing Bias-Free Language Publishing Law Checklist of Editorial Preferences Glossary of Copyediting Terms Selected Bibliography Index