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Handbook of materials structures, properties, processing and performance

Lawrence Eugene Murr (Author)
This extensive knowledge base provides a coherent description of advanced topics in materials science and engineering with an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary approach. The book incorporates a historical account of critical developments and the evolution of materials fundamentals, providing an important perspective for materials innovations, including advances in processing, selection, characterization, and service life prediction. It includes the perspectives of materials chemistry, materials physics, engineering design, and biological materials as these relate to crystals, crystal defects, and natural and biological materials hierarchies, from the atomic and molecular to the macroscopic, and emphasizing natural and man-made composites. Dr. Murr's expansive presentation of topics in Materials Properties and Performance: A Handbook for Engineers & Scientists explores inter-relationships among materials properties, processing, and synthesis (both historic and contemporary) while maintaining a highly readable "narrative" style and an encyclopedic breadth of coverage. The book serves as both an authoritative reference and roadmap of advanced materials concepts for practitioners, graduate-level students, and faculty coming from a range of disciplines
eBook, English, 2017
Springer, Cham, 2017
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9783319019055, 3319019058
The Ages of Metals and Materials
Electricity and Electromagnetic Phenomena: The Historical Perspective for Materials Fundamentals
Evolution of Quantum Mechanics: Applications to Electrons in Atoms and Solid Structures
Crystal Structures and Crystal Chemistry
Crystal Imperfections in Engineering Materials
Crystal Physics: Tensor Representation for Physical Properties of Crystalline Materials
Composite Materials and Structures
Biological Materials, Biomimetics and Biomaterials
Advanced Materials Processing and Fabrication: 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Nanomaterials: Structure, Properties and Performance
Extreme Deformation of Engineering Materials
Materials Degradation and Failure
Innovations in Electronic and Photonic Materials
Innovations in Magnetic Materials and Applications
Computational Modeling and Simulation of Materials and Materials Systems
"Living reference work."