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Innovation and transformation in international studies

This book explores the nature of, and conditions for, theoretical innovation in International Studies. Highlighting classic and new research problems, this collection of critically-minded, original essays pushes International Relations scholarship in uncharted directions. Bridging social theory and International Relations theory, it searches for sources of intellectual innovation in the everyday lives of ordinary people. The seventeen contributors are drawn from four continents and include such leading scholars as Richard Falk, James Rosenau, Yoshikazu Sakamoto and Susan Strange. Although a diverse group, they find the contemporary world order is in the throes of a structural transformation, which can be partly understood in terms of emancipation: the self-actualisation of human potential and community that looks beyond the current era in which neo-liberal globalisation is dominant, to a more democratic and just world order
Print Book, English, 1997
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1997
xxii, 294 pages ; 24 cm
9780521591058, 9780521599030, 0521591058, 0521599032
Transformation and innovation in the study of world order / Stephen Gill
Consciousness, myth and collective action : Gramsci, Sorel and the ethical state / Enrico Augelli and Craig N. Murphy
The critical realist tradition and the demystification of interstate power : E.H. Carr, Hedley Bull and Robert W. Cox / Richard Falk
Ibn Khaldun and world order / Mustapha Kamal Pasha
Ecology, political economy and the counter-movement : Karl Polanyi and the second great transformation / Mitchell Bernard
Braudelian reflections on economic globalisation : the historian as pioneer / Eric Helleiner
Social forces and international political economy : joining the two IRs / Jeffrey Harrod
Transnational class formation and state forms / Kees van der Pijl
Globalisation and contested common sense in the United States / Mark Rupert
The silent revolution and the weapons of the weak : transformation and innovation from below / Fantu Cheru
Frantz Fanon, race and world order / Randolph Persaud
Whose crises? Early and post-modern masculinism / V. Spike Peterson
Civil society and democratic world order / Yoshikazu Sakamoto
Imposing global orders : a synthesized ontology for a turbulent era / James N. Rosenau
The problem or the solution? Capitalism and the state system / Susan Strange
Rethinking innovation in international studies : global transformation at the turn of the millennium / James H. Mittelman