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Constitutional Convention bulletins

eBook, English, 1920
Legislative Reference Bureau, Springfield, Illinois, 1920
1 online resource (xxxiii, 1224 pages) : maps
No. 1. The procedure and problems of the constitutional convention
no. 2. The initiative, referendum and recall
no. 3. The amending article of the constitution
no. 4. State and local finance
no. 5. The short ballot
no. 6. Municipal home rule
no. 7. Eminent domain and excess condemnation
no. 8. The legislative department
no. 9. The executive department
no. 10. The judicial department, jury, grand jury and claims against the state. No. 11. Local governments in Chicago and Cook County
no. 12. County and local governments in Illinois
no. 13. Farm tenancy and rural credits
no. 14. Social and economic problems
no. 15. Bill of rights, education, militia, suffrage and elections, preamble, boundaries, distribution of powers, schedule