Front cover image for Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement

Autistic Community and the Neurodiversity Movement

Kapp, Pitt
This open access book marks the first historical overview of the autism rights branch of the neurodiversity movement, describing the activities and rationales of key leaders in their own words since it organized into a unique community in 1992.
Print Book, Undefined, 2020
Springer Singapore, 2020
Foreword.- Introduction.- Part I: Gaining Community.- 1. Historicizing Jim Sinclair’s “Don’t Mourn for Us”: A Cultural and Intellectual History of Neurodiversity’s Origins.- 2. From Exclusion to Acceptance: Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum.- 3. Autistic People Against Neuroleptic Abuse.- 4. and Finding our Voices as an Activist Movement.- 5. Losing.- Part II: Getting Heard.- 6. A Decade of Advocacy.- 7. Autscape.- 8. The Autistic Genocide Clock.- 9. Shifting the System: AASPIRE and the Loom of Science and Activism.- 10. Out of Searching Comes New Vibrance.- 11. Two Winding Parent Paths to Neurodiversity Advocacy.- 12. Lobbying Autism’s Diagnostic Revision in the DSM-5.- 13. Torture in the Name of Treatment: The Mission to Stop the Shocks in the Age of Deinstitutionalization.- 14. Autonomy, the Critical Journal of Interdisciplinary Autism Studies.- 15. My Time with Autism Speaks.- 16. Covering the Politics of Neurodiversity: And Myself.- 17. “A Dream Deferred” No Longer: Backstory of the First Autism and Race Anthology.- Part III: Entering the Establishment?.- 18. Changing Paradigms: The Emergence of the Autism/Neurodiversity Manifesto.- 19. From Protest to Taskforce.- Part IV.- 20. Critiques of the Neurodiversity Movement.- 21. Conclusion.