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Spiritual education : cultural, religious, and social differences : new perspectives for the 21st century

This selection of papers present spiritual education as a distinctive field of academic enquiry in its own right. It is divided into three sections: religious and theological approaches; psychological and anthropological approaches; and pedagogical approaches.
Print Book, English, 2012
Sussex Academic Press, Brighton [England], 2012
vii, 304 pages ; 24 cm.
9781902210605, 9781902210612, 1902210603, 1902210611
Contents: The Non-verbal Nature of Spirituality and Religious Language; When Your Children Ask -- A Jewish Theology of Childhood; Toward a Pedagogy of the Sacred: Transcendence, Ethics, and the Curriculum; Who Nurtured the Child? Without attachment there can be no intimacy; Children, Doorposts and Hearts: How can and should the religious traditions respond to spirituality in a post-modern setting?; Listening to... listening for...: A Theological Reflection on Spirituality in Early Childhood; Youth Spirituality as a Response to Cultural Crisis; Spirituality versus Individualism: The Challenge of Relational Consciousness; Storytelling, Voice and Qualitative Research: Spirituality as a Site of Ambiguity and Difficulty; Religious Nurture and Young People's Spirituality: Reflections on Research at the University of Warwick; The Corruption of Innocence and the Spirituality of Dissent: Postcolonial Perspectives on Spirituality in a World of Violence; "Theory of mind" or "Theory of the soul?": The Role of Spirituality in Children's Understanding of Minds and Emotions; The Prospects of Spirituality in a Globalised, Technologised World; The Experience of Religious Varieties: William James and the Post-modern Age; Spirituality and the Notion of Citizenship in Education; Postmodernism, Spirituality and Education in Late Modernity; Searching for the Spirit; Autism and Childhood Spirituality; Youth and Adulthood in Children's and Adults' Perspectives; The Conflict between Pedagogical Effectiveness and Spiritual Development in Catholic Schools; The Spiritual Education of Khoja Shia Ithnasheeri (KSI) Youth: The Challenges of Diaspora; Conclusion.
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