Front cover image for Uncovering Anna Perenna : a focused study of Roman myth and culture

Uncovering Anna Perenna : a focused study of Roman myth and culture

The figure of Anna Perenna embodies the complexity and richness of the Roman mythological tradition. In exploring Anna Perenna, the contributors apply different perspectives and critical methods to an array of compelling evidence drawn from central texts, monuments, coins, and inscriptions that encapsulate Rome's shifting artistic and political landscape. As a collection, Uncovering Anna Perenna provides a unique examination that represents the interdisciplinary intersection between Roman literature, history, and culture. The assembled chapters offer thought-provoking and insightful discussions written by specialists in Roman myth and religion, literary studies, and ancient history. A convergence of different perspectives within the collection, including comparative literature, gender and sexuality, literary criticism, and reception, results in a rich and varied investigation. Organized into four parts, the volume explores Anna along four conceptual lines: her liminal nature as a Carthaginian figure coopted into Rome's literary, mythological, and artistic heritage; her capacity as a Roman goddess and nymph; her political and cultural associations with plebeian and populist ideology; and her intriguing influence on James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
Print Book, English, 2020
Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2020
xiv, 242 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9781350174061, 1350174068
List of FiguresPrefaceAcknowledgementsList of AbbreviationsIntroduction: Anna and the Plebs: A Synthesis of Primary Evidence - T.P. Wiseman (University of Exeter, UK)From Carthage to Rome1. Rivalry and Revelation: Ovid’s Elegiac Revision of Virgilian Allusion - Sarah McCallum (University of Arizona, USA)2. Calendar Girl: Anna Perenna Between the Fasti and the Punica - James S. McIntyre (Cambridge University Press, UK)3. Not Just Another Fertility Goddess: Searching for Anna in Art - Gwynaeth McIntyre (University of Otago, New Zealand)Anna and her nymphs4. Anna, Water and Her Imminent Deification in Aeneid 4 - David J. Wright (Rutgers University, USA)5. How to Become a Hero: Gendering the Apotheosis of Ovid’s Anna Perenna - A. Everett Beek (University of Memphis, USA)6. Instability and Permanence in Ceremonial Epigraphy: The Example of Anna Perenna - Anna Blennow (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)Champion of the Plebs7. Ovid’s Anna Perenna and the Coin of Gaius Annius - Teresa Ramsby (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)8. Infiltrating Julian History: Anna Perenna at Lavinium and Bovillae - Carole Newlands (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)The Afterlife of Anna Perenna9. Riverrun: Channeling Anna Perenna in Finnegans Wake - Justin Hudak (University of California, Berkeley, USA) BibliographyIndexList of Contributors