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Favorite things : cat reminiscence

Reminiscence therapy is an activity which promotes the sharing of memories and the telling of stories. Favorite Things products help people connect to one another through the reminiscence of their own favorite things. Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, the ability to share life experiences and advice with others enhances our sense of worth and general well-being. Favorite things products stimulate memories through the vibrant pictures and video clips you will find in our photo cards and videos. Our companion activity cards are great conversation starters, promote creativity and create bridging and understanding between generations from our youngest to oldest. By reminiscing about your own and others favorite things, people learn more about each other, form connections, and experience joy and contentment. In doing so, reminiscence can provide a much needed break from the routine, and combat loneliness, and generate happiness
Kit, English, 2018
MEternally, LLC, [Minnesota], 2018
1 videodisc (121 min.) + 41 companion photograph, instruction, and activity cards ; in plastic container 33 x 27 x 5 cm
Video DVD with companion photo and activity cards
"64 photos and 16 unique activities!"
Kit contains: 1 DVD (Cat Mix Video), 32 cat themed photo cards, 8 cat themed activity cards, 1 instruction card