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Newman on the Bible : theory and commentary : an anthology

Print Book, English, ©2006
Scepter, New York, ©2006
262 pages ; 23 cm
9781594170430, 9781846820298, 1594170436, 1846820294
Interpreting Scripture
The nature of the Bible : The variety in Scripture
The unity in Scripture
Some problems in interpretation : Difficulties?
The inadequacy of words
Finding doctrines
Perplexing passages?
Some principles : Scripture as a means
The science of interpretation
Literal and figurative
God's providence and human agency
On inspiration
The simplicity of Scripture
Doctrines taught obliquely
How not to read scripture : The bigot
The false philos0phy of modern religion
Skipping passages
"Higher" criticism?
The Old Testament
Introduction : Not merely historical
Old Testament zeal
Figures and types
Genesis : Eden
The two false arguments
Knowing evil
God Almighty
Abraham and Jacob
Exodus : Moses
The sacred name
Leviticus : The importance of Jewish law
Numbers : Korah
Deuteronomy : Chastisement amid mercy
The name of the Lord
Joshua : Joshua, a type of Jesus
Judges : Gideon
Ruth : Orpah
I Kings [I Samuel] : The rejection of Samuel
Saul compared to Saint Paul
III Kings [I Kings] : Solomon
Elisha IV Kings [II Kings] : Josiah
Psalms : Their Christian meaning
Book of Wisdom : Suffering and reward
Jeremiah : Compared to the other prophets
The New Testament
Introduction : The change from Old to New
The word of Christ
The unity of the Gospels
The silence concerning Mary
St. Matthew : Fasting
Serpents and doves
Usurpations of reason
Good master?
Human responsibility
The Holy Trinity
St. Mark : The hidden Christ
Infant baptism
Obedience to God
St. Luke : The Virgin Mary
Fear not
Mary, a pattern of faith
The reign of Christ
The use of excited feelings
Mary's portion
The glories of Mary
The faithful steward
The prodigal son
Ventures of faith
Danger of riches
The Pharisee
The resurrection of the body
The Last Supper
The resurrection
St. John : The incarnated word
The word made flesh
St. Andrew
The wedding at Cana
Gospel palaces
The son of God
The heavenly feast
The Eucharist
Sacred bread
Profession without practice
Love, the safeguard of faith
Knowledge without obedience
The comforter
The Holy Spirit
St. Thomas
Acts : Apostolic succession
St. Matthias
The comforter
The Ethiopian eunuch
St. Barnabas
Ministering unto the Lord
Justification by faith alone?
Romans : Human Responsibility
The law and grace
Sons of God
Justification not disclosed
The law, righteousness, and faith
I Corinthians : The limits of reason
A prospect, not a possession
II Corinthians : The testimony of conscience
The new works of the Gospel
A wiling mind
Galatians L Infirmities
Ephesians : The power of God
Philippians : Free will
The sacrifice of Christ
Colossians : Commandments of God, or traditions of men
II Thessalonians : When God suspends free will
I Timothy : On the character of Timothy
The Gospel doctrine
II Timothy : Notes of the church
Hebrews : The human nature of Christ
The humiliation of the son of God
The state of salvation
James : Double-minded men
I Peter : Faith and reason
II Peter : The incarnation
I John : God is love
Born again
Revelation : Waiting for Christ
A Prophesy
Why believe the Bible?