Front cover image for Niksen : the Dutch art of doing nothing

Niksen : the Dutch art of doing nothing

Carolien Janssen (Author, Publisher)
"After Hygge and Lagom, Niksen is the New Lifestyle Trend Taking Over the World. Hygge helped you to explore coziness through lounging at the fireplace. Lagom kept you busy and relaxed while you found the happy middle; located between "not-too-much" and "not-too-little". Niksen will slow you down even further; to do nothing more than nothing. Declutter your mind, lounge about and truly slow down. This book will teach you to do nothing. Unwind and reap the benefits of the sixth happiest country in the world. Calm down, sit back and learn how to do nothing. Use this guide to your moment of "Niksen"!"--Back cover
Print Book, English, 2017
Carolien Janssen, [United States?], 2017
66 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
9781986128988, 1986128989
"(To idle; to lounge around; to sit around; to lounge about; to hang about; to do nothing much; to stand around)"--Cover