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Athenian democracy

P.J. Rhodes's reader focuses on the political institutions, political activity, history, and nature of Athenian democracy and introduces some of the best British, American, German and French scholarship on its origins, theory and practice
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Preface zz; Note to the Reader zz; Abbreviations zz; Maps zz; ; General Introduction 1; ; PART I POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS; Introduction to Part I ; 1 Athenian Citizenship: The Descent Group and the Alternatives; John K. Davies ; 2 How Did the Athenian Ecclesia Vote?; Mogens Herman Hansen ; 3 Aristotle, the Kleroteria and the Courts; Sterling Dow ; 4 Jury Pay and Assembly Pay at Athens; M. M. Markle ; 5 Capital Punishment; Louis Gernet ; ; PART II POLITICAL ACTIVITY; 6 Athenian Demagogues; M. I. Finley ; 7 Political Activity in Classical Athens; P. J. Rhodes ; 8 Competitive Festivals and the Polis: A Context for Dramatic Festivals at Athens; Robin Osborne ; ; 9 Public and Private Interests in Classical Athens; S. C. Humphreys ; ; PART III MOMENTS IN HISTORY; 10 Solon, 'Founding Father' of the Athenian Democracy; Claude Mossé ; 11 The Athenian Revolution of 508/7 BC: Violence, Authority and the Origins of Democracy; Josiah Ober ; ; 12 Cleisthenes and Attica; David M. Lewis ; 13 Ephialtes, Eisangelia and the Council; Raphael Sealey ; ; PART IV A VIEW OF DEMOCRACY; 14 The Greeks: The Political Revolution in World History; Christian Meier ; ; Intellectual Chronology ; Guide to Further Reading ; Bibliography of works cited by Editor ; Index