Front cover image for Mainstreaming the global radical right : CARR yearbook, 2019-2020

Mainstreaming the global radical right : CARR yearbook, 2019-2020

Eviane Leidig (Editor)
2019 was a defining year for the radical right globally. From national and supranational elections that witnessed a surge in support for radical right parties to transnationally-inspired terrorist attacks in New Zealand, the USA, and Germany, the radical right is not just on the rise, but becoming an international mainstream phenomenon. The yearbook draws upon insightful analyses from an international network of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners who explore the processes and impact of the radical right. Beginning with reflections on the ideology and then historical perspectives of the radical right, the volume then turns to contemporary manifestations of movements and political parties as well as terrorism and the role of online spaces. It ends by examining various perspectives towards countering and challenging the radical right
Print Book, English, 2020
Ibidem, Stuttgart, 2020
464 pages : illustrations (black and white) ; 21 cm
9783838214467, 3838214463
The Global Rise of Nativism and Illiberalism: A Conversation on the Contemporary Political Pathology, Seven Theses about the Radical Right / Tamir Bar-On
On the Ideology and Strategy of the New Right / Samuel Salzborn
Analyzing the Micro-Politics of Right-Wing Populism / Ruth Wodak
Why the Radical Right Love Their Intellectuals / Roland Clark
Eco-Nationalism: The Nature within Our Borders / Balsa Lubarda
Hermeneutical Injustice and the Far Right? / Callum Downes
Mapping Incel Identity: Neoliberalism and the Politics of Indifference / Justin Gilmore
Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization / Simon Purdue
The Pride of Prejudice: The Radical Right and the LGBTQ+ Community / Miranda Christou. THE RADICAL RIGHT FROM A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE
Political Religions and Fascism / Paul Jackson
The Night of Blood in the Warsaw Ghetto / Chris Webb
George Soros Targeted by Anti-Semitic Meme That Predates the Nazis / Archie Henderson
Connecting Trump in Greenland with Germany's Second and Third Reich / Dominic Alessio
The Battle of Cable Street: 'They Shall Not Pass' / Andreas Dafnos
The Far Right Has a History of Infiltrating the British Army / Daniel Jones
The Narrative of European Civilization within Radical Right Discourse / David Barnes
'Christian Europe' and the Normalization of the Radical Right / Barbara Molas
Anti-Semitism Continues to Be a Steady Feature among Germany's Radicals / Barbara Manthe
The Death of Liberalism Has Been Proclaimed Before / Henry Mead. FROM THE STREETS TO THE BALLOT BOX: MAINSTREAMING THE RADICAL RIGHT
Is the World Undergoing a Deep Populist 'Transition' / Aristotle Kallis
The DFLA: A(nother) New UK Far Right Movement? / Matthew Feldman and William Allchorn
'HooNaRa': Football Clubs in (East) Germany and Their Problems with Right-Wing Extremism / Maximilian Kreter
From Challengers to Incumbents: The Populist Radical Right in Government / James F. Downes, Edward Chan, and Felix Wiebrecht
The Effect of Subnational Representation on Radical Right Parties / Ka Ming Chan
Funding the Far Right / Nicolas Bichay
Status, Fear, and the GOP / Leonard Weinberg
Downplaying the Threat of White Supremacy, Trump Admin Cries 'Eco-Terrorism' / Mark Potok
The Cultural Marxism Conspiracy Thrives in Bolsonaro's Brazil / Andrew Woods
'India Wins Yet Again!' Radical Right Modi Set to Win Fresh Mandate / Eviane Leidig
Radicalising the Establishment from within? The CDU and the Werte Union / Julian Gopffarth
Understanding Gauland
How to Think About Radical Right Leadership / Manes Weisskircher
Merkel's Dilemma: The Return of Germany's Polarising 'Turkish Issue' / Ozgur Ozvatan
Germany's East-West Divide Fuels the Far Right / Vinicius Bivar
One Year with the Radical Right in Government in Austria: Back with a Vengeance? / Georg Plattner
Populism in Power: The Italian Case / Alessio Scopelliti
Italian Populists Use Social Welfare to Ignite a 'War between the Poor' / Valerio Alfonso Bruno
The End of Spanish Exceptionalism / Cristina Ariza
From Dawn to Dusk: The End of Parliamentary Neo-Nazism in Greece / Maik Fielitz. HATE CRIMES, POLITICAL VIOLENCE, AND RADICAL RIGHT
What's in a Definition? The UK's Emerging Quest for a Definition of Islamaphobia / Sadie Chana
Putting Canada's Hate Crime Data in Context / Yannick Veilleux-Lepage
Challenges in Quantifying Prejudice: Using Anti-Semitism as a Case Study / Ayal Feinberg
Far Right Terrorism & the Problematic Case of Spontaneous Attacks: A Quantitative Study / Matthew Sweeney
On Christchurch and 'Lone Wolf Terrorism': Past, Present, and Future / Matthew Feldman
'The Great Replacement'
Decoding the Christchurch Terrorist Manifesto / Andreas Onnerfors
Eco-Facism: The Natural Environment in Justifications of Terrorist Violence in the Christchurch Mosque Shooting and the El Paso Shooting / Bernhard Forchtner
How the El Paso Terrorist's Manifesto Echoes Trumps Rhetoric / Louie Dean Valencia-Garcia
The Influence of Might is Right in the Gilroy Shooting / Kitty Shropshire
The Psychology of Radical Right Violence: Social Dominance Orientation and the Cases of El Paso and Dayton / Jaclyn Fox
Far-Right Terrorism is Now Britain's Fastest Growing Problem / Bethan Johnson
Behind Norway's Terrorist Attack That Was Luckily Thwarted / Mette Wiggen. ONLINE SPACES OF THE RADICAL RIGHT
Alt-Tech and the Radical Right: Why the Shift / Megan Squire
Great Little Men: Why the Alt-Right Begs for Money / Greta Jasser
The Radical Right is Finding New Ways to Communicate Online / Brian Hughes
Framing Far Cry 5: The Gamification of White Separatist Propaganda / Ashton Kingdon
Manifesto Memes: Dangerous New Visual Rhetoric from the Radical Right / Ashley Matheis
Endchan: Narratives of the Chanosphere / Chamila Liyanage
Twitter and the 'Great Replacement': New ISD Report Shines Light on #whitegenocide Hashtag / Jacob Davey
Content Moderation and Censorship: Can We Handle a Double Standard? / Bharath Ganesh. TRANSNATIONAL TIPS OF THE RADICAL RIGHT
Lone Actors with Shared Ideas / Cathrine Thorleifsson
How Steve Bannon Lost the European Elections / Hans-Georg Betz
Pro-Europe and Anti-EU? Reviewing the Far Right's View of Europe / Marta Lorimer
A Pan-European Radical Right
A Contradiction in Terms? / Dan Stone
The Yellow Vest Phenomenon and the Radical Right / Rob May
Kyiv, Ukraine: A New Hub for International Neo-Nazi Concerts / Michael Colborne
Zelensky Struggles to Contain Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Problem / Valery Engel
Rudy Giuliani and the Radical Right's Disinformation Crusades / Augusta Dell'Omo
Why Is the Radical Right Obsessed with Southern Africa? / Liam J. Liburd
The Surprising Trend of Trump Support in Africa / Kat Parsons. CHALLENGING THE RADICAL RIGHT
How to Prevent Hate / Cynthia Miller-Idriss
What Do the Latest Prevent Statistics Tell Us About the Radical Right in the UK? / Sean Arbuthnot
What I'd Like to See in the Upcoming Independent Review of the Prevent Strategy / Craig McCann
Preventing Radical Right Extremist Requires Honesty, Empathy and a Whole Society Approach. So Are We Doomed to Fail? / William Baldet
Nazi Analogies Won't Help Counter Radical Right Agendas in Post-Brexit Britain / Benjamin Bland
A Case for Making Students Resilient to the Far-Right? / Natalie James
In Sri Lanka, Cartoonists Take on the Government and the Alt-Right / Carmen Aguilera-Carnerero
What is Tolerance and How Much Do Democracies Require? / Maureen A. Eger and Mikael Hjerm
The Shifting Norms That Threaten Our Democracy / Terri E. Givens
CARR 2019 Bibliography / Archie Henderson