Front cover image for Contrapunto : the informal sector debate in Latin America

Contrapunto : the informal sector debate in Latin America

Cathy A. Rakowski (Editor)
Examines the role of informal activities in economic development and the role of the state in organizing, regulating, promoting, or repressing these activities as part of its development strategy. Evaluates competing theories, policies, and research findings on the informal sector, dealing with issues of power, ideology, and politics; basic research, applied research, program evaluation, and policymaking; exploitation, entrepreneurship, and opportunity; and povert and the accumulation of wealth. Covers the period from 1970 to 1993
Print Book, English, ©1994
State University of New York Press, Albany, ©1994
x, 336 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9780791419052, 9780791419069, 0791419053, 0791419061
Introduction : what debate? / Cathy A. Rakowski
The informal sector debate, part 1 : 1970-1983 / Caroline O.N. Moser
The informal sector debate, part 2 : 1984-1993 / Cathy A. Rakowski
The many roles of the informal sector in development : evidence from urban labor market research, 1940-1989 / Orlandina de Oliveira and Bryan Roberts
The impact of government policies on microenterprise development : conclusions from empirical studies / Carl Liedholm
Macroeconomic policy and the informal sector / Jeffrey R. Franks
When more can be less : labor standards, development, and the informal economy / Alejandro Portes
Informality, de Soto style : from concept to policy / Ray Bromley
Inside informal sector policies in Latin America : an economist's view / Gustavo Márquez
The role of governments and private institutions in addressing the informal sector in Latin America / María Otero
Training and technical assistance for small and microenterprise : a discussion of their effectiveness / Cressida S. McKean
Informality and poverty : causal relationship or coincidence? / Vanessa Cartaya
Transaction costs, formal plans, and formal informality : alternatives to the informal "sector" / J. Douglas Uzzell
Contrapunto : policy, research, and the role of the state / Cathy A. Rakowski