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Cambridge Contributions

Sarah J. Ormrod (Editor of compilation)
Written primarily for a non-specialist audience, these essays describe contributions made by some of the University of Cambridge's most colourful and able characters in a number of academic disciplines. Approaches vary, from the presentation of historically significant discoveries to the explanation of current research - 'contributions' in the making.
eBook, English, 1998
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998
1 online resource (252 pages)
9780511561276, 9780521592437, 9780521597388, 051156127X, 0521592437, 0521597382
Preface; 1. Some Cambridge contributions to astronomy and cosmology Martin Rees; 2. Cambridge's contribution to medical science Mark Weatherall; 3. Cambridge and the study of English Stefan Collini; 4. The Cambridge contribution to economics Geoffrey Harcourt; 5. 'Nasty forward minxes': Cambridge and the higher education of women Gillian Sutherland; 6. Cambridge Classics for the third millennium Paul Cartledge; 7. Cambridge contributions: the philosophy of science Peter Lipton; 8. European citizenship and education Madeleine Arnot; 9. The University Botanic Garden John Parker; 10. Geophysics in Cambridge: extinct and active volcanoes Herbert Huppert; 11. Cambridge spies: the Magnificent Five, 1933–45 Christopher Andrew.