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The oat crop : production and utilization

Dr Samuel Johnson, that famous eighteenth century lexicographer, said of oats 'A grain which in England is generally given to horses but in Scotland supports the people'.
Print Book, English, 1995
Chapman & Hall, London, 1995
xx, 584 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
9780412373107, 0412373106
Online version:
1. Oats and oat production in history and prehistory / Richard J. Moore-Colyer
2. World production and use of oats / Linwood A. Hoffman
3. International trade in oats / Noel R. Baker
4. Structure and development of oats / Ethel M. White
5. Oat evolution and cytogenetics / J. Mike Leggett and Hugh Tizomas
6. Oat breeding and genetics / Deon D. Stuthman
7. Aspects of oat physiology / Jan Bert Brouwer and Raymond G. Flood
8. Agronomy of oats / Robert A. Forsberg and Dale L. Reeves
9. Diseases, pests and disorders of oats / Brian C. Clifford
10. The chemical composition of oats / Robert W. Welch
11. Oats for animal feed / Derek Cuddeford
12. Oat milling, processing and storage / W. Ganssmann and K. Vorwerck
13. Food uses of oats / Gur S. Ranhotra and Janette A. Gelroth
14. Oats in human nutrition and health / Robert W. Welch
15. Industrial uses of oats / Y. Pomeranz
16. Naked oats / John Valentine. 17. Biotechnology and oat improvement
progress and prospects / Vernon D. Burrows and Illimar Altosaar
Index of oat landraces, varieties, cultivars and breeders' lines