Front cover image for Mainstreaming the global radical right

Mainstreaming the global radical right

Eviane Leidig, ibidem-Verlag (Publisher)
Print Book, English, 2020
ibidem Verlag, Stuttgart, 2020
CARR yearbook .., 2019/2020
464 Seiten 21 cm x 14.8 cm, 610 g
9783838214467, 3838214463
Preface; The Global Rise of Nativism and Illiberalism: A Conversation on the Contemporary Political Pathology, Seven Theses about the Radical Right; On the Ideology and Strategy of the New Right; Analyzing the Micro-Politics of Right-Wing Populism; Why the Radical Right Love Their Intellectuals; Eco-Nationalism: The Nature within Our Borders; Hermeneutical Injustice and the Far Right?; Mapping Incel Identity: Neoliberalism and the Politics of Indifference; Toxic Masculinity and Lone Wolf Radicalization; The Pride of Prejudice: The Radical Right and the LGBTQ+ Community; Political Religions and Fascism; The Night of Blood in the Warsaw Ghetto; George Soros Targeted by Anti-Semitic Meme That Predates the Nazis; Connecting Trump in Greenland with Germanys Second and Third Reich; The Battle of Cable Street: They Shall Not Pass; The Far Right Has a History of Infiltrating the British Army; The Narrative of European Civilization within Radical Right Discourse; Christian Europe and the Normalization of the Radical Right; Anti-Semitism Continues to Be a Steady Feature among Germanys Radicals; The Death of Liberalism Has Been Proclaimed Before; Is the World Undergoing a Deep Populist Transition?; The DFLA: A(nother) New UK Far Right Movement?; HooNaRa: Football Clubs in (East) Germany and Their Problems with Right-Wing Extremism; From Challengers to Incumbents: The Populist Radical Right in Government; The Effect of Subnational Representation on Radical Right Parties; Funding the Far Right; Status, Fear, and the GOP; Downplaying the Threat of White Supremacy, Trump Admin Cries Eco-Terrorism; The Cultural Marxism Conspiracy Thrives in Bolsonaros Brazil; India Wins Yet Again! Radical Right Modi Set to Win Fresh Mandate; Radicalising the Establishment from within? The CDU and the Werte Union; Understanding GaulandHow to Think About Radical Right Leadership; Merkels Dilemma: The Return of Germanys Polarising Turkish Issue; Germanys East-West Divide Fuels the Far Right; One Year with the Radical Right in Government in Austria: Back with a Vengeance?; Populism in Power: The Italian Case; Italian Populists Use Social Welfare to Ignite a War between the Poor; The End of Spanish Exceptionalism; From Dawn to Dusk: The End of Parliamentary Neo-Nazism in Greece; Whats in a Definition? The UKs Emerging Quest for a Definition of Islamophobia; Putting Canadas Hate Crime Data in Context; Challenges in Quantifying Prejudice: Using Anti-Semitism as a Case Study; Far Right Terrorism & the Problematic Case of Spontaneous Attacks: A Quantitative Study; On Christchurch and Lone Wolf Terrorism: Past, Present, and Future; The Great ReplacementDecoding the Christchurch Terrorist Manifesto; Eco-Fascism: The Natural Environment in Justifications of Terrorist Violence in the Christchurch Mosque Shooting and the El Paso Shooting; How the El Paso Terrorists Manifesto Echoes Trumps Rhetoric; The Influence of Might is Right in the Gilroy Shooting; The Psychology of Radical Right Violence: Social Dominance Orientation and the Cases of El Paso and Dayton; Far-Right Terrorism Is Now Britains Fastest Growing Problem; Behind Norways Terrorist Attack That Was Luckily Thwarted; Alt-Tech and the Radical Right: Why the Shift?; Great Little Men: Why the Alt-Right Begs for Money; The Radical Right Is Finding New Ways to Communicate Online; Framing Far Cry 5: The Gamification of White Separatist Propaganda; Manifesto Memes: Dangerous New Visual Rhetoric from the Radical Right; Endchan: Narratives of the Chanosphere; Twitter and the Great Replacement: New ISD Report Shines Light on #whitegenocide Hashtag; Content Moderation and Censorship: Can We Handle a Double Standard?; Lone Actors with Shared Ideas; How Steve Bannon Lost the European Elections; Pro-Europe and Anti-EU? Reviewing the Far Rights View of Europe; A Pan-European Radical Right A Contradiction in Terms? ; The Yellow Vest Phenomenon and the Radical Right; Kyiv, Ukraine: A New Hub for International Neo-Nazi Concerts; Zelensky Struggles to Contain Ukraines Neo-Nazi Problem; Rudy Giuliani and the Radical Rights Disinformation Crusades; Why Is the Radical Right Obsessed with Southern Africa?; The Surprising Trend of Trump Support in Africa; How to Prevent Hate; What Do the Latest Prevent Statistics Tell Us About the Radical Right in the UK?; What Id Like to See in the Upcoming Independent Review of the Prevent Strategy; Preventing Radical Right Extremism Requires Honesty, Empathy and a Whole Society Approach. So Are We Doomed to Fail?; Nazi Analogies Wont Help Counter Radical Right Agendas in Post-Brexit Britain; A Case for Making Students Resilient to the Far-Right?; In Sri Lanka, Cartoonists Take on the Government and the Alt-Right; What Is Tolerance and How Much Do Democracies Require? ; The Shifting Norms That Threaten Our Democracy; CARR 2019 Bibliography.