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Weather and climate forecasting : the scientific method in action

Thomas A. Kovacs (Author)
Weather and Climate Forecasting is an introductory college textbook focusing on applying the scientific method to everyday, severe weather, and climate change forecasting. Studies have shown that these topics are most relevant and engaging to students interested in weather and climate courses satisfying general education requirements in the physical sciences. Furthermore, forecasting is ideal for learning the scientific method because it requires obtaining observations, developing empirical relationships from testable hypotheses, and using theories to make predictions. This emphasis satisfies the learning outcomes of science general education requirements at most colleges and universities. Organized in the progression in which instructors present the scientific method, students will feel like they are practicing science. In addition, the textbook highlights the scientific practices and crosscutting themes of the National Science Education Standards to help students understand what practicing science involves. Focusing on scientific literacy can also serve elementary and secondary science education majors. Advanced topics are highlighted in special boxes to provide instructors with limited forecasting background and the advanced student with relevant deeper content. This book is comprehensive enough to benefit the professional forecaster, general education and beginning meteorology student, and weather enthusiast
Print Book, English, 2020
Kendall Hunt, Dubuque, IA, 2020
xvii, 392 pages : color illustrations, maps, charts ; 28 cm
9781792408991, 1792408994
Weather data Climate data
Weather maps, radar, and satellite
Laws of mass and energy
Laws of motion
Precipitation principles
Polar front theory
Circulation models and conservation laws
Forecasting methods and tools
Weather forecast models
Climate models
Weather and climate forecast products
Hazardous weather forecasting: snow and ice storms, floods and winds
Hazardous weather forecasting: thunderstorms and tropical cyclones
Climate forecasting
Includes index