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Mental disorders of the new millennium

Tragically, the daily news is filled with stories about hurtful and seemingly mystifying problems in human behavior.
Print Book, English, 2006
Praeger, Westport, Conn., 2006
3 volumes ; 25 cm.
9780275987817, 9780275987824, 9780275987831, 9780275987848, 0275987817, 0275987825, 0275987833, 0275987841
V. 1. Behavioral issues. The psychopathy of everyday life / Marty Kantor ; Narcissism: Greek tragedy, psychological syndrome, cultural norm / Jerrold Lee Shapiro and Susan Bernadett-Shapiro ; Anger disorders: diagnosing an unrecognized mood disorder / Heather C. Lench ; An overview of pathological gambling / Mark Griffiths ; Kleptomania / Jon Grant and Daniel Kim ; Mood disorders in children and adolescents / Jarrod M. Leffler and Mary A. Fristad ; Adult depression: characteristics, burdens, models, and interventions / Michael J. Constantino [and others] ; The will to die / Viola Mecke ; Helping adolescents with self-injurious behavior: cutting in developmental context / Lori Goldfarb Plante ; Reading, writing, and therapy: mental health issues among college students / Julie B. Jampel ; Pedophile priests: what do we know about Catholic clergy who sexually victimize minors? / Thomas G. Plante ; Specific phobia: a common problem, rarely treated / Christine D. Scher [and others] ; Conclusion: how might we prevent abnormal behavior from occurring and developing / Thomas G. Plante
v. 2. Public and social problems. Post-traumatic stress disorder among U.S. combat veterans / Stanley Krippner and Daryl S. Paulson ; Family violence: understanding the truth or paying the consequences / Christina M. Dalpiaz ; Abuse and neglect of older adults: what do we know about it and how can we identify it? / Daphne Nahmiash ; Homicide-suicide: an overview / Julie E. Malphurs and Maria Llorente ; Mothers who kill their children: considering patterns, prevention, and intervention / Cheryl L. Meyer and Michelle Oberman ; When the peer group becomes the parent: social and developmental issues associated with youth gangs / Mike Axelman and Sara Bonnell ; Substance abuse among adolescents / Steve Sussman, Silvana Skara, and Susan L. Ames ; Workaholism / Ronald J. Burke ; The remarkable normalcy of dying to kill in holy war / Rona Fields ; Culture in psychopathology
psychopathology in culture: taking a fresh look at an old problem / Juris G. Draguns ; How the effects of traumatic experience are passed 'unto the following generations' / Judith Issroff ; Conclusion: how might we prevent abnormal behavior from occurring and developing / Thomas G. Plante. V. 3. Biology and function. Postpartum depression: more than the 'baby blues?' / Rudy Nydegger ; Persons with mental retardation: scientific, clinical, and policy advances / Robert M. Hodapp [and others] ; Autism spectrum disorders: a crisis of urgent public concern / Ruth E. Cook ; Frequently asked questions about attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) / Carolyn Pender and Bradley Smith ; Obsessive-compulsive disorder: diagnostic, treatment, gender, and cultural issues / Rudy Nydegger and Michele Paludi ; Eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder / Jennifer Couturier and James Lock ; Body dysmorphic disorder: when does concern about appearance become pathological? / Shauna L. Shapiro and Angela Gavin ; Munchausen by proxy / Catherine C. Ayoub ; Alzheimer's disease: new concepts in diagnosis, treatment, and management / James E. Soukup ; The scientific foundations of gender identity disorders / Leslie M. Lothstein ; Sexual orientation and mental health: what the behavioral sciences know about sexual orientation and why it matters / John C. Gonsirek ; Conclusion: how might we prevent abnormal behavior from occurring and developing / Thomas G. Plante