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God and history : aspects of British theology, 1875-1914

Everyone knows that the new scientific discoveries of the 19th century posed problems for Christian theology. Less well known is the fact that the new understanding of history, developed in the same period, also created a number of difficulties. The realization that Christianity possessed a history of its own, and had changed and developed, raised numerous important questions for theologians and Christians alike
Print Book, English, 1992
Clarendon Press ; Oxford University Press, Oxford [England], Oxford, 1992
Church history
267 pages ; 22 cm
9780198263333, 0198263333, 0198263333
1. Background: Historical and Religious Understanding in Nineteenth-Century Britain
2. Developing but Faithful: Newman's Revised Essay on Development
3. A Historical Cul-de-Sac: Jowett's Liberal Protestantism
4. The Older the Better: Benson (and Lightfoot and Westcott)
5. Separate Spiritual Truth: The Essays in Lux Mundi
6. Cut Loose from History: British Idealism and the Science of Religion
7. Faith and History: Lord Acton and Catholic Modernism in Britain
8. Knowing God in History: Scottish Critics and Principal Fairbairn
9. Off with the New and On with the Old: R.J. Campbell and the New Theology
10. A Man for All Fashions: Pre-War Theology and B.N. Streeter