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[Addresses and letters]

Contains eleven addresses and letters by Ioannes Dokeianos (Johannes Docianus). The first is an encomium to Constantine Palaiologos. Also includes a prosphonemation to Theodoros Porphyrogenetos; and a letter to Helen, daughter of Demetrios Palaiologos. Also contains works by Nicephorus Gregoras: his monodies on the deaths of Emperor Andronicus II and of the Great Logothete, Theodore Metochites (the first two sections of Book X of his Histories, Rōmaikē historia); and a letter to John Cantacuzene as Great Domestic. Also contains two works of Patriarch Gregorios II of Constantinople (1283-1289): his encomium on St. Dionysius the Areopagite and his encomium on the sea
Manuscript, Ancient Greek, [1550-1599?]
Manuscripts, Greek (Medieval and modern)
105 leaves : paper ; 205 x 148 (152 x 94) mm bound to 213 x 151 mm
Dokeianos, Ioannes. Addresses and letters (f. 2r-36v)
Gregoras, Nicephorus. Orations and letters (f. 37r-45v)
Patriarch Gregorios of Constantinople. Encomia (f. 49r-85r)
Ms. codex
Title supplied by cataloger (Zacour-Hirsch)
Heading for first work: Iōannou dokianou enkōmion eis ton basilea kōnstantinon ton palaiologon
Cover title: Diaphorōn enkōmia kai epistolai
Foliation: Paper, 105; [x], [1-95]; modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto
Script: Written in a cursive script by various hands
Decoration: Red used for some headings and initials. Some marginalia
Binding: Contemporary boards. Some splitting of the binding between quires. Stains on the cover. Spine shows signs of wear. Includes at least three different types of paper
Origin: No place of writing indicated. Written in the second half of the 16th century (Topping)
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