Front cover image for The scorching

The scorching

William W. Johnstone (Author), J. A. Johnstone (Author)
"It begins in the Pacific Northwest. A deadly wave of massive wildfires are raging out of control, killing hundreds in their path, and showing no sign of stopping. This time, the fires are man-made. In Portland, Oregon, a sleeper cell of terrorists have recruited a disgruntled Forest Service smokejumper to train their army. To spread the fear coast to coast. To make America burn. Those who flee the hot flames are gunned down in cold blood. But one man -- Forestry Service smokejumper Cory Cantwell -- is fighting back. Leading a team of elite firefighters, he is determined to stop the destruction. Not with water. With Glock 19s. With real firepower. And with no mercy."--
Print Book, English, 2021
Pinnacle Books, New York, 2021