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The Orce man : controversy, media and politics in Spanish human origins research

Miquel Carandell Baruzzi (Author)
"The Orce Man controversy is a very long, complicated and harsh dispute among scientific colleagues (often from the same institution) over the taxonomic classification of a cranial fragment. The fossil was found in 1982 by three palaeontologists from the Institut de Paleontologia de Sabadell in Catalonia: Josep Gibert, Jordi Agustí and Salvador Moyà-Solà at a site called Venta Micena, near the small town of Orce, located in a very arid region of the province of Granada, Andalusia"-- Provided by publisher
eBook, English, 2021
BRILL, Leiden, 2021
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A Rough Guide to the Orce Man
0. Introduction
The Orce Man
1. Discovery (1976-1982)
1.1. Setting the scientific and political scene
1.2. 'Look what we've found!' The Orce Man among politicians, experts and the public
1.3. The 'Spanish Olduvai' and the discoverers' reward
1.4. A great post-Franco discovery and a small but troubling crest
2. Controversy (1984-1987)
2.1. A painful trip to Paris: From man to donkey
2.2. A country's 'obsession': 'Is the Orce Man our ancestor?'
2.3. Science in a 'different dimension'
3. Conference (1987-1996)
3.1. Gibert's research team and the conference preparation
3.2. An international conference as a 'tool' to convince
3.3. A triple victory (science, media and politics)
3.4. Scientific conferences: much more than debates among colleagues
4. End (1996-2007)
4.1. An unexpected attack
4.2. Control of the remains means control of the research
4.3. The process of isolation
4.4. The hominids that came from the south: Gibert's popular science book
4.5. The end of a long controversy
5. A 'First' American to compare with: The Pedra Furada controversy
6. Coda: The 'Orce Boy'
7. The Orce Man: controversy, failure, media and politics
Annex I: Anatomical features of the Orce Man
Annex II: News from 1983 to 1999
Annex III: The travelling bone
I. Interviews
II: Archives
III: Secondary Literature
IV: The Press