Front cover image for The pre-crime society : crime, culture and control in the ultramodern age

The pre-crime society : crime, culture and control in the ultramodern age

Bruce A. Arrigo (Editor), Brian G. Sellers (Editor)
We live in a pre-crime society where technological strategies and techniques are employed to achieve hyper-securitization. Exploring theories, technologies and institutional practices, this pioneering book explains how the pre-crime society operates in the ‘ultramodern’ age and proposes new directions in crime control policy.
Print Book, English, 2021
Bristol University Press, Bristol, UK, 2021
xxvi, 508 pages ; 24 cm
9781529205251, 1529205255
Ebook version :
Foreword - Ian WarrenIntroduction: The Ultramodern Age of Criminology, Control Societies, and 'Dividual' Justice Policy - Bruce Arrigo, Brian Sellers and Faith ButtaPart 1: Theories, Theorists and Theoretical Perspectives1. The 'Risk' Society Thesis and the Culture(s) of Crime Control - Bruce Arrigo and Brian Sellers2. The Security Society: On Power, Surveillance, and Punishments - Marc Schuilenburg3. Pre-Crime and 'Control Society’: Mass Preventive Justice and the Jurisprudence of Safety - Pat O’Malley and Gavin Smith4. The Negation of Innocence: Terrorism and the State of Exception - David PolizziPart 2: Institutions, Organizations and the Surveillance Industrial Complex5. Visions of the Pre-Criminal Student: Reimagining School Digital Surveillance - Andrew Hope6. Commodification of Suffering - Matthew Draper, Lisa Petot and Brett Breton7. Surveillance, Substance Misuse and the Drug Use Industry - Aaron Pycroft8. The Politics of Actuarial Justice and Risk Assessment - Andrew Day and Armon TamateaPart 3: Dataveillance, Governance and Policing Control Societies9. Cameras and Police Dataveillance: A New Era in Policing - Janne Gaub and Marthinus Koen10. Theorizing Surveillance in the Pre-Crime Society - Michael McCahill11. Dataveillance and the Dividuated Self: The Everyday Digital Surveillance of Young People - Clare Southerton and Emmeline Taylor12. The Bad Guys Are Everywhere, the Good Guys Are Somewhere - John DeukmedjianPart 4: Systems of Surveillance, Discipline and the New Penology13. Supermax Prison Isolation in Pre-Crime Society - Terry Kupers14. Mass Monitoring: The Role of Big Data in Tracking Individuals Convicted of Sex Crimes - Kristen Budd and Christina Mancini15. Towards Predictivity? Immediacy and Imminence in the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders ~ Mike Nellis16. The Digital Technologies of Rehabilitation and Reentry - Bianca C. Reisdorf and Julia R. DeCookPart 5: Globalizing Surveillance, Human Rights and (In)Security17. Surveilling the Civil Death of the Criminal Class - Natalie Deckard18. Big Data, Cyber Security and Liberty - Jin Ree Lee and Thomas Holt19. Drone Justice: Kill, Surveil, Govern - Birgit Schippers20. Global Surveillance: The Emerging Role of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology - Brian SellersAfterword: 'Pre-Crime' Technologies and the Myth of Race Neutrality - Pamela Ugwudike