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The Oxford handbook of politics and performance

Colonial theatricality / Lisa Skwirbliesc -- Theatricality, sovereignty, and resistance : beyond theater of roots / Ameet Parameswaran -- Authenticity and theatricality : world spectatorship and the drama of the image / Adrian Kear -- Law, presence to absence : the case of the disappearing defendant / Kate Leader -- Toward a theatrical history of the picket line / Sophie Nield -- Protest and performativity / Jorge Cadena-Roa and Cristina Puga -- Representation / Jean-Pascal Daloz -- Class, race, and marginality : informal street performances in the city / Katie Beswick -- Gender, politics, performance : embodiment and representation in political institutions / Carole Spary -- National identity / Edgaras Klivis -- Performance and citizenship : the Roma in Europe / Ioana Szeman -- From exile to migration : staging (the) face of the human waste / Yana Meerzon -- Island impasse : refugee detention and the thickening border / Emma Cox -- Media sites : political revivals of American Muslim women / Kimberly Wedeven Segall -- The force of the somatic norm : women as space invaders in the UK Parliament / Nirmal Puwar -- The market : eighteenth-century insights into the performance of market practices / Matthew Watson -- Staging memorialization : performing the war on terror and resilient nationalism / Charlotte Heath-Kelly -- Urban sites of the everyday and the international : the other city and the aesthetic subject / Matt Davies -- The politics of neoliberal rituals : performing the institutionalization of liminality at trade fairs / Anna Leander -- Empire : a performative approach to imperial frontiers and formations in Palestine / Catherine Chiniara Charrett -- Nativism : African bodies and photographic performance / Desiree Lewis -- Immersion / Willmar Sauter -- Ceremony, genealogy, political theology / Stuart Elden -- Pedagogy : (mis)performing the contemporary university / Erzsébet Strausz -- Scripts, authority, and legitimacy : the view from China and beyond / Julia C. Strauss -- Political leadership : "saving the show" / John Uhr -- Adaptation and environment : landscape, community, and politics in Henrik Ibsen's Rosmersholm by Duncan Macmillan (2019) / Vicky Angelaki -- Interruption and interpellation : leaving the theater in search of the theater / Sruti Bala -- Performing political ideologies / Alan Finlayson -- Music : women rewriting punk performance politics / M.I. Franklin -- Eroticism and the politics of representing the abused body / Lisa Fitzpatrick -- Performing gestures at protests and other sites / Bishnupriya Dutt -- What's in a name? The politics of labeling in disability performance / Bree Hadley -- Taking a position : contemporary dance and the communication of deep political feeling / Stephen Coleman -- The body politic and JFK's bad back : questions of embodiment in the performance of politics / Julia Peetz -- Postmemory : politics and performance in Latin America / Jordana Blejmar -- Performing political empathy / Roland Bleiker and Emma Hutchison -- Care / Narelle Warren -- The nation as family : motherhood and love in Japan / Nobuko Anan -- Constituency performances : the heart of democratic politics / Emma Crewe and Nicholas Sarra -- Comedy and the performative politics of Brexit / James Brassett -- Atmospheres of protest / Illan rua Wall -- Performance and populism : choreographing popular forms of collectivity / Goran Petrović Lotina
Print Book, English, 2021
Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2021
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Introduction by Milija Gluhovic, Silvija Jestrovic, Shirin Rai, and Michael Saward Part I: Performativity/Theatricality 1. Lisa Skwirblies - Colonial Theatricality 2. Ameet Parameswaran - Theatricality, Sovereignty, and Resistance: Beyond Theatre of Roots 3. Adrian Kear - Authenticity/Theatricality: World Spectatorship and the Drama of the Image 4. Kate Leader - Law, Presence to Absence: The Case of the Disappearing Defendant 5. Sophie Nield - Towards a Theatrical History of the Picket Line 6. Jorge Cadena-Roa and Cristina Puga - Protest and Performativity 7. Jean-Pascal Daloz - Representation Part II: Identities 8. Katie Beswick - Class, Race, and Marginality: Informal Street Performances in the City 9. Carole Spary - Gender, Politics, Performance: Embodiment and Representation in Political Institutions 10. Edgaras Klivis - National Identity 11. Ioana Szeman - Performance and Citizenship: The Roma in Europe 12. Yana Meerzon - From Exile to Migration - Staging (the) Face of the Human Waste Part III: Sites 13. Emma Cox - Island Impasse: Refugee Detention and the Thickening Border 14. Kimberly Wedeven Segall - Media Sites: Political Revivals of American Muslim Women 15. Nirmal Puwar - The Force of the Somatic Norm: Women as Space Invaders in the UK Parliament 16. Matthew Watson - "The Market": Eighteenth-Century Insights into the Performance of Market Practices 17. Charlotte Heath-Kelly - Staging Memorialisation: Performing the War on Terror and Resilient Nationalism 18. Matt Davies - Urban Sites of the Everyday and the International: The Other City and the Aesthetic Subject 19. Anna Leander - The Politics of Neo-Liberal Rituals: Performing the Institutionalization of Liminality at Trade Fairs 20. Catherine Chinara Charrett - Empire: A Performative Approach to Imperial Frontiers and Formations in Palestine Part IV: Scripts 21. Desiree Lewis - Nativism: African Bodies and Photographic Performance 22. Willmar Sauter - Immersion 23. Stuart Elden - Ceremony, Genealogy, Political Theology 24. Erzsébet Strausz - Pedagogy: (Mis)performing the Contemporary University 25. Julia C. Strauss - Scripts, Authority, and Legitimacy: The View from China and Beyond 26. John Uhr - Political Leadership: "Saving the Show" 27. Vicky Angelaki - Adaptation and Environment: Landscape, Community and Politics in Henrik Ibsen's Rosmersholm by Duncan Macmillan (2019) Part V: Body/Voice/Gesture 28. Sruti Bala - Hurling and Hailing: Scenes of Interruption and Interpellation 29. Alan Finlayson - Performing Political Ideologies 30. M.I. Franklin - Music: Women Rewriting Punk Performance Politics 31. Lisa Fitzpatrick - Eroticism, and the Politics of Representing the Abused Body 32. Bishnupriya Dutt - Performing Gestures at Protests and Other Sites 33. Bree Hadley - What's in a Name?: The Politics of Labelling in Disability Performance 34. Stephen Coleman - Taking a Position: Contemporary Dance and the Communication of Deep Political Feeling 35. Julia Peetz - The Body Politic and JFK's Bad Back: Questions of Embodiment in the Performance of Politics Part VI: Affect 36. Jordana Blejmar - Postmemory: Politics and Performance in Latin America 37. Roland Bleiker and Emma Hutchison - Performing Political Empathy 38. Narelle Warren - Care 39. Nobuko Anan - The Nation as Family: Motherhood and Love in Japan 40. Emma Crewe and Nicholas Sarra - Constituency Performances: The "Heart" of Democratic Politics 41. James Brassett - Comedy and the Performative Politics of Brexit 42. Illan rua Wall - Atmospheres of Protest 43. Goran Petrovic Lotina - Performance and Populism: Choreographing Popular Forms of Collectivity
Includes bibliographical references and index