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Dogs : a natural history

Jake Page
Overview: Dog lovers do not need to be reminded that dogs are astonishing creatures, but recent research shows that they are even more amazing than anyone knew. Dogs draws on the last several decades of studies, examining everything from a dog's eyesight to its culinary preferences and sense of humor. Jake Page looks at dogs' wild brothers, the wolves, and their closer cousins, the wild or pariah dogs; explains the newest theory of how dogs were domesticated; describes a dog's development from puppyhood on; and finally ponders a dog's emotional life and intelligence. While not a practical book on dog training, Dogs will give readers a better sense of why their pets behave as they do. And as an added bonus, Jake Page's own pack of six dogs makes multiple cameo appearances
Print Book, English, ©2007
Smithsonian Books/Collins, New York, NY, ©2007
xxii, 228 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780061132599, 0061132594
Author's note
Introduction: On natural history
Part 1: Limits Of Dogdom
Origins and oddballs
Part 2: Transformations
Dog that came in from the wild
Dogs of old
Good breeding
Part 3: Dog's World
Dog senses
Enigma of play
Mind of dogs
Some thoughts on training
Appendix A: Dog bites
Appendix B: Canine health by breed
Appendix C: Trainability by breed
Appendix D: Wild dogs of the world