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Exploring people of the New Testament

Print Book, English, 2007
Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich., 2007
430 pages ; 24 cm
9780825433870, 0825433878
Mary : the virgin mother of Christ
Herod : "The Great," so called
Joseph : husband of Mary
The leper and his cry
Simeon : a godly watcher
Anna : a bold herald of Christ's coming
John the Baptist
Herod Agrippa I : a murderous hand
Peter in the spotlight
John the Beloved
James : the son of Zebedee
Nathanael the Guileless
Simon the Zealot
Matthew : the tax collector
Judas and his crime
Jude the obscure
Andrew : the soulwinner
Philip the Plodder
James the Less
Thomas the Twin
Philip : the dynamic deacon
James : the Lord's brother
Nicodemus : a man born twice
The woman at the well
The prodigal son
The elder brother
The ten lepers
The good Samaritan
Three rich men
Lazarus : recalled to life
Caiaphas : the crooked high priest
Pilate : Caesar's friend
Simon : the Cyrenian who carried the cross
The man who crucified Christ
Barabbas and his cross
The dying thief and his faith
Ananias and Sapphira : liars both
Stephen : the first martyr
Cornelius : the noblest Roman
Barnabas : a Christian gentleman
Saul of Tarsus : apostle to the world
Paul : the ablest apostle
Onesimus : a runaway slave
Simon the Sorcerer : a deceiver
Doctor Luke : Paul's physician
Demas : Paul's Judas
Antichrist : otherwise called "the Beast."