Front cover image for Heaven's design team. Vol. 04

Heaven's design team. Vol. 04

Hebizō (Author), Tsuta Suzuki (Author), Tarako (Illustrator), Belynda Ungurath (Illustrator), Jacqueline Fung (Translator), JM Iitomi Crandall (Translator)
"God created the heavens and the Earth -- but, little-known fact, he outsourced the animals to the office of Heaven's Design Team! This hilarious and educational manga features weird real-life animals and puts even some humdrum critters in a strange new light. On the seventh day, God rested. But it turns out He started getting tired long before ... In fact, when it came time to design the animals, God contracted the whole thing out to an agency ... Heaven's Design Team! ... With the surprises during the launch party behind them, the Design Team reels from more bizarre requests--but they're determined to meet these new challenges with their unique flair. From modeling mating rituals off rap battles to participating in wacky game shows with their prototypes, there's nothing these dedicated designers won't try!"--Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2021
English edition; Kodansha Comics edition
Kodansha Comics, New York, 2021