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The Wiley encyclopedia of health psychology

Lee Cohen
Organized thematically as an A to Z reference encyclopedia across 4 volumes, this comprehensive resource on health psychology provides a concise overview of the ever-expanding interdisciplinary field. The first volume of The Wiley Encyclopedia of Health Psychology covers the biological bases of health behavior, providing information on topics in the broad areas of neuroscience and biopsychology relevant to health behavior. Volume II addresses topics related to theories and data derived from social psychology including health or prevention related behaviors, stress and coping, and the design and evaluation of behavioral interventions. The third volume examines the applied aspects of the field of health psychology including practical topics that clinical health psychologists face in the workplace, issues related to unhealthy behaviors that individuals engage in, behavioral aspects of medical problems, and issues related to the comorbidity of psychiatric disorders and chronic health problems. Volume IV examines special issues in health psychology covering various historical, philosophical, and conceptual issues. It also considers issues related to diversity and underrepresented / underserved groups. As a whole, this 4-volume set: Delves into topics related to Health Psychology across the subfields of Biopsychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology. Appeals to the broader field of Behavioral Medicine, including medical and allied health fields. Examines the interconnections between biology, psychology, and socio-environmental factors
Print Book, English, 2020
Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, 2020
2176 p.
9781119057833, 1119057833