Front cover image for Deep in thought : a practical guide to teaching for intellectual virtues

Deep in thought : a practical guide to teaching for intellectual virtues

Jason S. Baehr (Author)
Deep in Thought provides an introduction to intellectual virtues -- the personal qualities and character strengths of good thinkers and learners -- and outlines a pragmatic approach for teachers to reinforce them in the classroom. With a combination of theoretical expertise and practical experience, philosopher Jason Baehr endorses intellectual virtues as a rich, meaningful way to think about and understand the purpose of education. He makes a persuasive case for prioritizing intellectual virtues in the classroom to facilitate deeper learning, encourage lifelong learning, and enrich teacher practice. Baehr profiles nine key virtues that enable learners to initiate the process of learning, maintain forward momentum, and overcome common obstacles. With engaging anecdotes and concrete examples, he presents a wealth of principles, postures, and practices that educators can employ in promoting essential habits of mind such as curiosity, open-mindedness, and intellectual courage. Baehr illustrates how opportunities to practice these intellectual habits can be integrated into the classroom in ways that align with current teaching practices. In addition, he shows how educators can adapt these practices to accommodate students' identities, developmental abilities, and interests. This thought-provoking book supports all educators, especially middle and high school teachers, in teaching for intellectual virtues. Deep in Thought is a philosophical and yet practical guide to one of the most important aims of education: helping students become skilled thinkers and learners
Print Book, English, 2021
Harvard Education Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2021
vii, 247 pages ; 23 cm
9781682536704, 9781682536711, 168253670X, 1682536718