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Transnational television, cultural identity and change : when STAR came to India

This book is not just a history of the development of TV in India, nor solely an exploration of its impact. It measures cultural change by looking at changing perceptions of Indianness, and the role of transnational TV in the process of defining, creating and maintaining that identity
Print Book, English, 2003
Sage, New Delhi [etc.], 2003
321 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
9780761997672, 9780761997665, 0761997679, 0761997660
PART ONE: INTRODUCTIONThe Research QuestionConstructing Cultural SpaceCultural Strategies of IdentityThe StudyConclusionPART TWO: REDEFINING INDIAN TELEVISIONThe Post-independence EraThe Impact of the ImageThe Post-liberalisation EraRedefining the Image of IndiaConclusionPART THREE: CULTURAL STRATEGIES OF IDENTITYThe Modern IndividualCultural Strategies of IdentityRedefining TraditionConclusionPART FOUR: CULTURAL CHANGE IN INDIARedefining IndiannessThe Continuity and Disjunction of Indian IdentityContesting Indian Identity in a Global WorldConclusionPART FIVE: MEDIATING IDENTITY: TRANSNATIONAL TELEVISION AND CULTURAL CHANGETransnational Media Corporation Practice in a Global EraActive Audiences and the Construction of MeaningThe Construction of the LocalThe Impact of Television on Cultural Change in IndiaConclusionPART SIX: SHIFTING CULTURAL SPACE AND THE FORMATION OF NEW IDENTITIESThe Delineation of SpaceThe Classification of Space Boundaries and Limit ImagesThe Compression of SpaceThe Generation of Multiple IdentitiesOrientation at the Point of ComfortConclusionPART SEVEN: CLEAVING INDIA: NEW OPPOSITIONS AND FAMILIARITIESSpace Binding The Construction of an Immoral WestSpace Dislocating The Creation of New FamiliaritiesThe ′Chutneyfication of Identity′ConclusionPART EIGHT: INDIA ACCORDING TO MISS WORLDIdentity and the BodyMiss World 1996A Transgressive MsConclusionPART NINE: THE DIMENSIONS OF CULTURAL CHANGEDescribing Cultural ChangeThe Changing Experience of SpaceThe Impact of Transnational TelevisionControlling the Direction of ChangeContesting the Global/the LocalBetween Release and Restraint The Formation of New Subjectivity in IndiaConclusion