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Latin Jazz : The Other Jazz

Latin Jazz: The Other Jazz uncovers Latin jazz's rich intercultural heritage, exploring its Caribbean and Latin American musical roots, its ability to transcend genre boundaries, and its inseparability from issues of ethnicity and nation.
Print Book, English, 2020
Oxford University Press, 2020
208 p.
9780197510841, 0197510841
AcknowledgementsIntroduction: The Other JazzChapter 1: Why call it Latin Jazz? Afro-Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Cubop, Caribbean Jazz, Jazz Latin, or just... Jazz: the politics of naming an intercultural musicChapter 2: Caribbean and Latin American Reverberations and the First Birth of Latin Jazz: New Orleans and the Spanish TingeChapter 3: The Second Birth of Latin Jazz: Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington Do the RumbaChapter 4: El Tema del Apollo: Latin American and Caribbean music in HarlemChapter 5: The "Othering" of Latin Jazz Chapter 6: "More Cowbell": Latin Jazz in the 21st CenturyEpilogueReferences