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Three love songs

Musical Score, Undefined, 1933
E. C. Schirmer, Boston, 1933
Vocal scores
1 vocal score ; 28 cm
Like the sunset's crimson splendor = Wie des Abends schone Rote
Bird in air will stray afar = Vogelein durch-rauscht die Luft
Seat thyself, my dearest heart = Nein Geliebter, setze dich
For two-part women's voices: SA and two pianos, violin obbligato
Music by Johannes Brahms, Op. 52 no. 4; Op. 52 no. 13; Op. 65 no. 13; Words by Georg Friedrich Daumer; English words by Natalia Macfarren; arr. by H. Clough-Leighter