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Cambridge History of American Women's Literature

In this collaborative, innovative history, the rich complexity and diversity of American literature written by women can be appreciated with a new coherence and subtlety. Developing historical, cultural, theoretical, even polemical methods, the volume will advance the future study of American women writers by shaping this ever-evolving field.
Print Book, English, 2021
Cambridge University Press, 2021
712 p.
9781108748339, 1108748333
Introduction Dale M. Bauer; 1. The stories we tell: American Indian women's writing and the persistence of tradition Jodi A. Byrd; 2. Women writers and war Jonathan Vincent; 3. American women's writing in the Colonial period Kirstin R. Wilcox; 4. Religion, sensibility, and sympathy Sandra M. Gustafson; 5. Women's writing of the Revolutionary era Jennifer J. Baker; 6. Women writers and the early US novel Andy Doolen; 7. Women in literary culture during the long nineteenth century Nancy Glazener; 8. Moral authority as literary property in mid-century print culture Susan M. Ryan; 9. The shape of Catharine Sedgwick's career Melissa J. Homestead; 10. Writing, authorship and genius: literary women and modes of literary production Susan S. Williams; 11. Nineteenth-century American women's poetry: past and prospects Elizabeth Renker; 12. Transatlantic sympathies and nineteenth-century women writing Susan David Bernstein; 13. Nineteenth-century African American women writers John Ernest; 14. Local knowledge and regional women's writing Stephanie Foote; 15. Women and children first: female writers of American children's literature Carol Singley; 16. US suffrage literature Mary Chapman; 17. American women playwrights Brenda Murphy; 18. Turn-of-the-twentieth-century transitions: women on the edge of tomorrow Stephanie Smith; 19. Women's writing and naturalism: accidents and agency Jennifer Travis; 20. The geography of ladyhood: racializing the novel of manners Cherene Sherrard-Johnson; 21. Self-made women: novelists of the 1920s Jean M. Lutes; 22. Recovering the legacy of Zara Wright and the twentieth-century black woman writer Rynetta Davis; 23. Jewish American women writers Hana Wirth-Nesher; 24. Women on the breadlines John Marsh; 25. Modern domestic realism in America, 1950–1970 Gordon Hutner; 26. Lyric, gender and subjectivity in modern and contemporary poetry Jennifer Ashton; 27. Contemporary American women's writing: women and violence Heidi Slettedahl Macpherson; 28. Asian-American women's literature and the promise of committed art Leslie Bow; 29. Straight sex, queer text: American women novelists Lynda Zwinger; 30. Latina writers and the usable past Kimberly O'Neill; 31. Where is she? Women/access/rhetoric Patricia Bizzell; 32. Reading women in America Susan M. Griffin; Index.