Front cover image for 30 animals that made us smarter : stories of the natural world that inspired human ingenuity

30 animals that made us smarter : stories of the natural world that inspired human ingenuity

Patrick Aryee (Author), Michael Bright (Author), Lizzie Harper (Illustrator)
"Accompanying a new series of the hit BBC podcast, a fascinating exploration of how the animal world has inspired human progress via new inventions and solutions that impact our daily lives. Did you know that mosquitoes' mouthparts are helping to develop pain-free surgical needles? Who'd have thought that the humble mussel could inspire so many useful things, from plywood production to a 'glue' that cements the crowns on teeth and saves unborn babies in the womb? How about the fact that studying the tiny kingfisher solved engineering problems with Japan's ultra-high-speed bullet train, or that the humpback whale's flipper helped design the most efficient blades for wind power turbines? For many years, humans have been using the natural world as inspiration for everything from fashion to architecture, and medicine to transport, and it may come as a surprise to learn how many inventions have been motivated by animal design and behaviour. Dive into the depths with us as author Patrick Aryee reveals even more astonishing stories about animals' exceptional powers and the unique contributions they've made to the quality of our everyday lives. Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations accompany his revelations and bring the natural world to life"--Publisher's description
Print Book, English, 2022
Island Press, Washington, DC, 2022
377 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781642832679, 1642832677
The kingfisher and the bullet train
Octopus: the ultimate disguise
Return from the dead: the tardigrade
A woodpecker and a black box
Polar bears and insulation
Mosquitoes, wasps and advances in medical technology
Master-builders: termites
Cod and the cold
Elephant trunks and bionic arms
Birds, bats and bots
Fog harvesters
Sharks and hospitals
Explosive back end: bombardier beetle
Wind farm animals
Hedgehogs and helmets
Packing a punch: mantis shrimp
Snake: search and rescue
Natural architects and artists: butterflies
Giant fish and body armour
Cows and eco-friendly sewage
Pollution solution: manta rays
Glues from life to save life... and make cupboards!
Cats and road safety
High-rise sponges
Camels and cool medicine
Lobsters and space telescopes
Waterloo Station and pangolins
Swarms of ants and mini-bots
Implants and shocking tales
Incy wincy rescue
'The machines aren't coming: they're already here'
"Inspired by the hit BBC News World Service podcast"--Cover