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The big book of HR

Managing people is the biggest challenge any organization faces. It's a challenge that has grown even more difficult over the past decade. Since The Big Book of HR was first published, we've seen dramatic changes in the workplace and the workforce. This 10th anniversary edition incorporates discussions and reflections on these changes and examines new and emerging trends useful for any business owner, manager, or HR professional, with the most current information to get the most from their talent--from strategic HR-related issues to the smallest tactical details of managing people
Print Book, English, 2022
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Career Press, Newburyport, MA, 2022
340 pages ; 26 cm
9781632651945, 1632651947
Introduction: Chapter 1. Introduction to HR
Chapter 2. HR and technology
Section 1. Talent acquisition:
Chapter 3. Workforce planning...succession planning
Chapter 4. The legal landscape of employee rights
Chapter 5. Job analysis and descriptions
Chapter 6. Strategic recruitment
Chapter 7. Interviewing and hiring
Chapter 8. Employee onboarding
Section 2. The employee experience:
Chapter 9. Employee engagement
Chapter 10. Employee retention
Chapter 11. Flexibility and work
Chapter 12. Employee rewards and recognition
Section 3.Total rewards:
Chapter 13. The legal landscape of compensation
Chapter 14. Compensation: an introduction
Chapter 15. Developing a salary structure
Chapter 16. The legal landscape of employee benefits
Chapter 17. Employee benefits
Section 4. Employee development:
Chapter 18. Promotions and other internal movements
Chapter 19. Assessing employee development needs
Chapter 20. Best approaches to developing employees
Chapter 21. Coaching an employee development strategy
Section 5. Employee relations:
Chapter 23. Employee and labor relations
Chapter 24. Workplace harassment
Chapter 25. Diversity, equity, and inclusion
Chapter 26. Risk management
Chapter 27. Ending the employment relation
Conclusion: Emerging trends and challenges
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