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Ethical issues in covert, security and surveillance research

Ron Iphofen (Editor), Dónal O'Mathúna (Editor)
The ebook edition of this title is Open Access and freely available to read online. The EU-funded PRO-RES Project aimed to produce a guidance framework that helps to deliver Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). PRO-RES is a Horizon 2020 project coordinated by the European Science Foundation (ESF), involving 14 different partners across Europe. As one of a series of open access products of the Project, Ethical Issues in Covert, Security and Surveillance Research will be placed in the hands of policymakers and their advisors to offer practical and efficient ways to respond to the issues addressed. Understanding that the problem of covert research and surveillance research for security purposes have proven highly challenging for all research ethics appraisal services, the chapters here are valuable resources for expert reviewers, helping further the discussion of these complex ethical issues, and raising the standards applied to the process. Delivering an applied approach, and influencing where it counts, this volume showcases that it is only when the integrity of research is carefully pursued can users of the evidence produced be assured of its value and its ethical credentials
eBook, English, 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, U.K., 2021
1 online resource (xxi, 218 pages)
9781802624137, 9781802624113, 1802624139, 1802624112
Print version :
Introduction: Ethical issues in covert, security and surveillance research / Ron Iphofen and Dónal O'Mathúna
Chapter 1. Surveillance ethics: An Introduction to an introduction / Kevin Macnish
Chapter 2. Science, ethics, and responsible research - the case of surveillance / Alfonso Alfonsi and Maresa Berliri
Chapter 3. Research is not a private matter / Paul Spicker
Chapter 4. Covert research ethics / Marco Marzano
Chapter 5. Taking shortcuts: Correlation not causation, and the moral problems it brings / Kevin Macnish
Chapter 6. The big data world: Benefits, threats and ethical challenges / Marina Da Bormida
Chapter 7. Health data, public interest, and surveillance for non-health related purposes / Mark Taylor and Richard Kirkham
Chapter 8. Privacy and security: German perspectives, European trends and ethical implications / Hartmut Aden
Chapter 9. A framework for reviewing dual use research / Simon E. Kolstoe
Chapter 10. Security risk management in hostile environments: Community-based and systems-based approaches / Daniel Paul and Alex Stedmon
Chapter 11. Conducting ethical research in sensitive security domains: Understanding threats and the importance of building trust / Alex Stedmon and Daniel Paul
Chapter 12. Covert aspects of surveillance and the ethical issues they raise / David J. Harper, Darren Ellis, and Ian Tucker Guidance Notes for Reviewers and Policymakers on Covert, Deceptive and Surveillance Research / Ron Iphofen, Simon Kolstoe, Kevin Macnish, Paul Spicker, and Dónal O'Mathúna
Includes index