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The Cambridge history of the British Empire

J. Holland Rose (Editor), Arthur Percival Newton (Editor), E. A. Benians (Editor), Henry Dodwell (Editor)
Print Book, English, 1929-61
Macmillan Co.: University Press, New York, Cambridge, Eng., 1929-61
8 volumes in 9
v. 1. The old Empire, from the beginnings to 1783
v. 2. The growth of the new Empire, 1783-1870
v. 3. The Empire-Commonwealth, 1870-1919
v. 4. British India, 1497-1858
v. 5 The Indian empire, 1858-1918
v. 6. Canada and Newfoundland
v. 7, pt. 1. Australia
v. 7, pt. 2. New Zealand
v. 8. South Africa, Rhodesia and the Protectorates
Printed in Great Britain
Vol. 4-5 edited by H.H. Dodwell