Front cover image for Feral : rewilding the land, the sea, and human life

Feral : rewilding the land, the sea, and human life

George Monbiot (Author)
To be an environmentalist early in the twenty-first century is always to be defending, arguing, acknowledging the hurdles we face in our efforts to protect wild places and fight climate change. But let's be honest: hedging has never inspired anyone. So what if we stopped hedging? What if we grounded our efforts to solve environmental problems in hope instead, and let nature make our case for us? That's what George Monbiot does in Feral, a lyrical, unabashedly romantic vision of how, by inviting nature back into our lives, we can simultaneously cure our "ecological boredom" and begin repairing centuries of environmental damage. Monbiot takes readers on an enchanting journey around the world to explore ecosystems that have been "rewilded": freed from human intervention and allowed--in some cases for the first time in millennia--to resume their natural ecological processes. We share his awe, and wonder, as he kayaks among dolphins and seabirds off the coast of Wales and wanders the forests of Eastern Europe, where lynx and wolf packs are reclaiming their ancient hunting grounds. Through his eyes, we see environmental success--and begin to envision a future world where humans and nature are no longer separate and antagonistic, but are together part of a single, healing world
Print Book, English, 2014
The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2014
Narrative non-fiction
xxi, 319 pages ; 24 cm
9780226205557, 9780226325279, 022620555X, 022632527X
Raucous summer
The wild hunt
The never-spotted leopard
Greening the desert
Bring back the wolf
A work of hope
The hushings
The beast within (or how not to rewild)
The conservation prison
Rewilding the sea
The gifts of the sea
Last light