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Traditional agriculture in Southeast Asia : a human ecology perspective

Many small-scale farmers in the tropics continue to employ a style of agriculture based largely on practices handed down from previous generations and highly adapted to local conditions. In this book, a group of agronomists, ecologists, and social scientists using a human ecology perspective describe how this traditional agriculture functions. They analyze the interactions between small-scale farmers and the agricultural ecosystems on which they depend, explain why traditional agriculture has been able to function on a sustainable basis for so many years, and discuss the ways in which these farmers are having to adjust their traditional practices to a changing world
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Westview Press, Boulder, ©1986
xxvi, 358 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780813370262, 0813370264
The Bontok : traditional wet-rice and swidden cultivators of the Philippines / June Prill-Brett
Traditional agriculture in northern Thailand / Katin Srimongkol and Gerald G. Marten
Rainfed cropping systems in northeast Thailand / Anan Polthanee and Gerald G. Marten
Traditional agroforestry in West Java : the pekarangan (homegarden) and kebun-talun (annual-perennial rotation) cropping systems / Linda Christanty [and others]
The complementary roles of homegardens, upland fields, and rice fields for meeting nutritional needs in West Java / Oekan S. Abdoellah and Gerald G. Marten
"Published in cooperation with the East-West Center Environment and Policy Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii."