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Unlikely heroes : Franklin Roosevelt, his four lieutenants, and the world they made

Derek Leebaert (Author)
"Drawing on new materials, Unlikely Heroes constructs an entirely fresh understanding of FDR and his presidency by spotlighting the powerful, equally wounded figures whom he raised up to confront the Depression, then to beat the Axis. Only four people served at the top echelon of President Franklin Roosevelt's Administration from the frightening early months of spring 1933 until he died in April 1945, on the cusp of wartime victory. These lieutenants composed the tough, constrictive, long-term core of government. They built the great institutions being raised against the Depression, implemented the New Deal, and they were pivotal to winning World War II. Yet, in their different ways, each was as wounded as the polio-stricken titan. Harry Hopkins, Harold Ickes, Frances Perkins, and Henry Wallace were also strange outsiders. Up to 1933, none would ever have been considered for high office. Still, each became a world figure, and it would have been exceedingly difficult for Roosevelt to transform the nation without them. By examining the lives of these four, a very different picture emerges of how Americans saved their democracy and rescued civilization overseas. Many of the dangers that they all overcame are troublingly like those America faces today"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2023
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St. Martin's Press, an imprint of St. Martin's Publishing Group, New York, NY, 2023
viii, 488 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
9781250274694, 1250274699
Stepping forward: from inauguration as governor, January 1, 1929 to the October crash
Economic plague: October 1929 to campaign Summer 1932
Surge to power: November elections 1932 to Roosevelt's inauguration, March 1933
Action now: the hundred days, March-June 1933
New frontiers: Summer 1933 to the midterm elections, November 1934
Getting the habit: midterm elections 1934 to Summer 1936 party conventions
Crest of the wave: FDR's campaign of 1936 to Christmas 1937
Facing the world: a super island-state in the mid-1930s
Faith and maintenance: January to Summer 1938
Turning points: reforms of Summer 1938 to a new Congress, January 1939
Spark to flame: "Munich" in Autumn 1938 to war in Europe, September 1939
Line of fire: war in September 1939 to attack in Western Europe, Mary 1940
Devotees of force: Blitzkrieg of May 1940 to FDR's inauguration, January 1941
Eleventh hour: inauguration 1941 to Pearl Harbor, December 7
New extremes: attack at Pearl Harbor to November 1942 midterm elections
Washington wars: Operation Torch, November 1942, to the coal strikes, November 1943
Hard pounding: Stalin in Tehran, November 1943, to D-Day, June 1944
Long shadows: Operation Overlord, Summer 1944, to FDR's death, April 1945