Front cover image for Save the... Frogs

Save the... Frogs

Sarah L. Thomson (Author), Chelsea Clinton (Writer of introduction)
Did you know that some frogs can leap twenty times the length of their own bodies? How about that the largest frog in the world weighs more than a chihuahua? Or that frogs drink through their skin and not through their mouths?
Print Book, English, 2023
Philomel, New York, 2023
Instructional and educational works
Ages 6-9.
81 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
9780593404126, 9780593404119, 0593404122, 0593404114
Chapter 1. Anywhere there's water: where frogs live
Chapter 2. From eggs to tadpoles to frogs: what frogs are like
Chapter 3. Pollution, fungus, and invaders: why are frogs endangered?
Chapter 4. Kids, scientsts, activists, and dogs: who has been saving frogs?
Some fun facts about frongs
How you can help save the frogs