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Symbols of Revelation

eBook, English, ©2007
Tate Pub. & Enterprises, Mustang, Okla., ©2007
Criticism, interpretation, etc
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The symbols of Revelation
The seven seals
The seven trumpets
The seven candlesticks
The sun
The seven angels
The seven stars
The four beasts
The seven horns
The seven eyes
The sea of glass
The four horses
The white horse
The red horse
The black horse
The pale horse
The moon turned to blood
The locusts
The two witnesses
The rod of iron
The earth & the sea
The kings of the earth
The great red dragon
The beast
The false prophet
The mark of the beast
The blood up to the horses' bridles
The vine of the earth & the true vine
The two women, a dichotomy
The sword
Fine linen clean and white
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