Front cover image for The Paper Museum

The Paper Museum

Kate S. Simpson (Author)
In a world where paper is obsolete and magic is all but forgotten, Lydia has moved into the Paper Museum with her Uncle Lem following the disappearance of her parents. Convinced the key to finding them lies in the museum's book collection, Lydia spends her days digitally scanning her way through the museum's library. But when Uncle Lem is called away and her Uncle Renald is put in charge of the museum, Lydia's scanning project comes to an abrupt halt. Uncle Renald takes her aer reader - the personal device that everybody uses for reading, shopping, messaging, and more - but not before Lydia makes a desperate attempt at filing a missing persons report for her parents. The report activates a countdown, and now with nothing but a secret typewriter in her dogwood fort and a cryptic message, Lydia has thirty days to find her parents and stop the mayor from commandeering the museum. Otherwise, both her family home and the Paper Museum itself will be reassigned to someone else. With aer readers on the fritz and the town descending into chaos, Lydia needs to find her parents before the Paper Museum - and her parents - are lost for good
Print Book, English, 2022
Union Square Kids, New York, 2022