Front cover image for Et tu, Brute? : the best Latin lines ever

Et tu, Brute? : the best Latin lines ever

Harry Mount (Author), John Davie (Author)
"There are so many Latin phrases in everyday use that often we use them without understanding the background and context within which they were actually used. 'Carpe diem'; 'Stet'; 'Memento mori'; 'Et tu Brute' - examples would fill a book. And often these phrases are also used in English translation: 'The die is cast'; 'crossing the Rubicon'; 'Rome was not built in a day'. Many of these phrases are humorous, but they are also a rich source of wisdom: the wisdom of the ancients. The chapters of this book include: Latin for Gardeners, the Great Latin Love Poets, Cicero on How to Grow Old Gracefully and Seneca's Stoic Guide to Life. Each chapter starts with a quotation and is lightly sprinkled with many more, with accompanying English translations and entertaining cartoons and illustrations dotted throughout. The background to each quotation is explained so that the context is fully understood. Who crossed the Rubicon and why, for example? At a time of great political and social turbulence, more and more people are turning back to ancient wisdom as a guide to life. Here they are in touch with two classical scholars of distinction who have the common touch and can help make Latin accessible to all, not to mention fun!"-- From Amazon
Print Book, English, 2022
Bloomsbury Continuum, London, 2022
viii, 263 pages : illustrations (black and white), maps ; 23 cm
9781399400978, 1399400975
ebook version :
Writing on the wall: Latin graffiti, from Pompeii's brothel to Herculaneum's tavernas
Ruling Britannia: Roman Britain, from Londinium's first bankers to freezing legionaries on Hadrian's Wall
Sex in Rome and the rudest poem in Latin
True romance: the great Latin love poets
Latin jokes and insults
Latin for gardeners
Bathtime, feasts and la dolce vita
Bread, circuses and gladiators
Plebs and patricians: the Roman class system
Empire and emperors
The divine family: religion and the gods
Christian conversion: how Christ went from Roman victim to Roman god
Vesuvius erupts: Pliny reports
What did you get for Saturnalia? Martial's funny festival presents
Horace, the sweetest poet of all
Cicero on how to grow old gracefully
Seneca's stoic guide to life
Your vade mecum: the Latin-English glossary
Roman numerals
Text in English and Latin