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All of us together in the end

Matthew Vollmer (Author)
This book is a lyrical, elegiac affirmation of the awesome, strange, otherworldly ways our loved ones remain alive to us, even when they are out of reach. This family memoir, shimmering with wonder and enchantment, begins with the death of the writer's mother from early-onset Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Soon after, unexplained phenomena (specifically flashing lights and floating orbs) appear in the woods surrounding his family's home in rural North Carolina, where his widowed father lives. Formative memories resurge in the writer's mind, particularly from his childhood in the church of Seventh-day Adventism, hastening self-reexamination and reckoning. A retired geology professor corresponds with him about "ghost lights," which supposedly occur more in North Carolina than any other American state. An eccentric shaman who lives in Spain administers transcendental psychotherapy to him over Zoom. And Jolene emerges - a woman endeared for decades to the writer's father, holding secrets to their family's past. -- Adapted from publisher's description
Print Book, English, 2023
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Hub City Press, Spartanburg, SC, 2023