Front cover image for A home for every plant : wonders of the botanical world

A home for every plant : wonders of the botanical world

Matthew Biggs (Author), Lucila Perini (Illustrator)
"Welcome to the wonderful world of plants. From wet, steamy tropical rainforests to scorching, dry deserts, from freezing mountain screes to lush underwater worlds, plants have adapted to survive almost everywhere. And they do it in incredible ways. Find out why plants look, smell, grow, and live the way they do by journeying across over 40 incredible habitats around the world. Discover the biggest, boldest, and smelliest (!) plants on our planet, from the starfish flower, whose flowers look and smell like rotten meat, to the bitter bark tree, whose seeds are dispersed in emu poop and then planted by ants! Did you know that learning about a plant's habitat is the secret to learning how to care for it at home?"--Page 4 of cover
Print Book, English, 2023
Phaidon Press Limited, New York, N.Y., 2023
Juvenile works
127 pages : colour illustrations ; 32 cm
9781838665937, 9781838666972, 1838665935, 1838666974
Includes index