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You're an animal : a novel

Jardine Libaire (Author)
"It's springtime in Oklahoma, and Ernie, an outcast in a group of outcasts, feels uneasy. At the abandoned summer camp where he and his fellow oddballs are crashing, nerves have been on edge since the arrival of a teenager named Coral, unceremoniously dropped off one afternoon from her family's minivan. Adding to her aura of mystery, Coral doesn't say a word. Ever. When a drug lab explosion burns the compound to the ground, Ernie, Coral, and the hard-living couple Staci and Ray escape on a pair of motorcycles. Feeling shaky with fear and alive with a new surge of freedom, the four outcasts find a rundown house in rural Texas: It's a place to stay, they tell themselves, for now. Yet to their surprise, a quirky little family forms. At the heart of their new home is Coral, whose silence only amplifies her strange, undefinable power and the sense that she found them for a reason. Soon tensions rise, and a mysterious threat begins to materialize--but whether it's coming from inside or outside the house still isn't clear. All this crew knows is that now there's something at stake: their chosen family, forged by both loneliness and joy and bonded by an awkward kind of love" -- Book Jacket
Print Book, English, 2023
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Hogarth, New York, 2023