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The Baroque guitar

Musical Score, English, [1975], ©1974
Ariel Music Publications, New York, [1975], ©1974
Guitar music
127 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
9780825699511, 0825699517
Minuet in G / Anonymous
Sarabande / Anonymous
Minuet in E / Adam Falckenhagen
Minuet in E minor / Robert de Visée
Vivace / Adam Falckenhagen
Cancion o Tocata / Santiago de Murcia
Delicate beauty / Henry Lawes
Sarabande in E minor / Lodovico Roncalli
Minuet in A minor / Henry Purcell
I prithee send me back my heart / Henry Lawes
Gavotte rondeau / Robert de Visée
Minuet in E / Anonymous
Bourrée / Johann Sebastian Bach
Aria / Johann Adolf Hasse
Minuet in canon / Wenzel von Radolt
Canon / Wenzel von Radolt
Sarabande in G / Lodovico Roncalli
Gavotte / Lodovico Roncalli
Gigue / Lodovico Roncalli
Trio / Anonymous
Canarios / Gaspar Sanz
Passacaille / Robert de Visée
I attempt from Love's sickness to fly / Henry Purcell
Allegro / Domenico Scarlatti
Prelude / Johann Sebastian Bach
Sarabande / Johann Sebastian Bach
Double / Johann Sebastian Bach
Gavotte en rondeau / Johann Sebastian Bach
Art thou troubled? (Dove sei) / George Friedrich Handel
Grave / Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner
Allegro / Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner
Andante / Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner
Passacaglia / Lodovico Roncalli
Tombeau de M. Mouton (Allemande) / Robert de Visée
Allemande / Francesco Corbetta
Sarabande and variations / George Friedrich Handel
Fair Celia / John Blow
Sonata / Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Passacaille / Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Tombeau sur la mort de M. Comte de Logy / Sylvius Leopold Weiss
For guitar, 2 guitars, or voice with guitar acc.; in part originally for lute, 2 lutes, or voice with lute acc
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