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Middle school superpowers : raising resilient tweens in turbulent times

Phyllis L. Fagell (Author)
"Are you concerned that middle school will wreak havoc on your tween's well-being and sense of self? Wondering how you can ward off the decline in confidence research shows kids experience during these vulnerable years? Seeking strategies that will help your child emerge from middle school with even more resilience than when they started? From the author of Middle School Matters, which set up kids in grades 6 8 to thrive by developing social, emotional, and learning skills, Middle School Superpowers is all about resilience, which Phyllis Fagell, mental health therapist, certified school counselor and journalist, explains is often misunderstood. Fagell does not view it as a trait, like compassion or generosity. Instead, it involves its own set of skills to be better equipped to, as she says, "navigate future personal challenges and thrive in an increasingly turbulent world." With the new skills or "superpowers" detailed in Middle School Superpowers-including the power to "manage change and uncertainty"; "find your place and make strong connections"; "anticipate problems and make a plan"; "learn from missteps"; "recover from disappointment"; "know when and how to ask for help"; "set a reasonable pace and realistic goals"; and "identify the slivers of hope and humor"-Fagell helps parents raise confident, resilient kids by offering them practical, teachable, evidence-based ways they can support their child and foster their independence so they can leverage a range of typical middle school scenarios into the 12 skills they need to preserve their well-being and recover from any setback"-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2023
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Hachette Go, New York, 2023
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271 pages ; 23 cm
9780306829758, 0306829754
Your middle school superhero's origin story
Super flexibility: the power to manage change and uncertainty
Super belonging: the power to find your place and make strong connections
Super sight: the power to anticipate problems and make a plan
Super vulnerability: the power to know when and how to ask for help
Super bounce: the power to learn and recover from missteps
Super agency: the power to find your purpose and take initiative
Super force field: the power to set healthy boundaries
Super security: the power to take pride in your identity and step into someone else's shoes
Super healing: the power to cope and self-regulate emotions
Super balance: the power to set a reasonable pace and realistic goals
Super daring: the power to go out on a limb and take smart risks
Super optimism: the power to find hope and humor in the hard stuff
Activating your child's superpowers and letting them fly